Vedic Temple Project is looking for Partners, Sponsors, Investors, Developers for opening a Senior Living Community for elderly devotees practicing eastern culture and philosophy. Preferable San Diego County but open to other locations.

The communities mission statement : “Simple living-high thinking”

  • A small Temple structure or Pavillion for daily worship and meditation.
  • A Community Hall (for daily meals and events) with a kitchen in the same building.
  • Gardens/Nature for a lot of out door activities.
  • Holistic/traditional and modern medicine and doctors.
  • Facilities for other seminars so seniors can mingle with youth and take part in volunteering for different events, light gardening/pujari etc.
  • Sports and Recreational activities
  • Restaurant/Bakery/Juice bar
  • Library
  • Etc.

Projected is a village atmosphere and well rounded community instead of isolated Senior Homes.

Public library, gardens, recreation, vegetarian restaurant, bakery, schools/seminars/education, Festivals, etc., etc.

This Project will enrich the lives of the local community and members.

Vraja-vadhu Farm w_Malati taichikirtan outdoorselderly with girlgirls with Butterfly???????????????????????????????cow and matajiElderly-couple-jumpingindian ladygirl_bird_mediumIs-Gardening-only-for-the-Elderlychildren_and_petsGrowing-With-Petscow and girlsyoung-caregiver-bringing-purchases-to-senior-womancamping VTPabhisheka-mayapurdeity-worship.abhishekPrabhupadaArotiyouth  build-an-outdoor-fireplace3 Michael Douglas with TK, Vayasaki, Mrigendra, Vishvambar

cabin cabin2 cabin3 gazebo messhall messhallinside outdoor structure

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